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Welcome to Andrée Bauer!

Here you will find watches for the modern man who values watches with interchangeable straps that actually works. Change the character of your watch and change the strap in less than thirty seconds and be ready for every occasion.

We have taken the inspiration for our watches from Smålands Taberg and some of the minerals found in the Taberg mine.

Wear your Andree Bauer watch every day, simply change the strap with our quick release pins. Then you are always ready regardless of activity or context.

If you need help, our customer service is here to guide and help you.


It all started about 1.2 billion years ago. According to unconfirmed theories, it is said that Taberg, a mountain in Småland, was formed off the coast of Australia. Over time, continental drift, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions laid the foundation for Taberg through a liquid gaseous molten rock and magma that penetrated from the earth's interior.

An extinguished volcano, Taberg has a unique composition of titanium magnetite olivinite. However, it is not entirely alone inhaving this mineral compound, which is also found in Iron Mine Hill, Rhode Island, USA, a mountain very similar to Taberg.

The brand name Andrée Bauer is a tribute to Taberg and our famous local adventurer, patent engineer and balloonist August Salomon Andrée and to the artist John Albert Bauer.

The two of us behind the Andrée Bauer brand also have a connection to Småland’s Taberg and have long been inspired by the legends of these two men.

In 2017 we drew the first pen strokes of the unique design we have today. We place great emphasis on material and color choices. For us, it is important to have a product that harmonizes with regard to size, color and shape.

We were inspired by the entrepreneurship, the ingenuity and quality that August Salomon Andrée stood for and the color, form and harmony that John Bauer expressed in his art. This, together with our passion and hard work drives us to never give up.

We hope that you will also like and be attracted to our various models and become a proud wearer of an Andrée Bauer.

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